We set up this business with the intention of providing help and assistance to people with busy lives where work and other commitments just take over leaving little time in your life for relaxation. However when you do find that hour or so of free time you are probably not inclined to spend it slaving away in the garden when you could be relaxing with family and friends enjoying your free time. Alternatively there are people who love there gardens as much as you do but for one reason or another are now unable to maintain it to the same standard they could. In both cases we are here to assist you to achieve the garden look that you desire. 

In most cases we act under customer instruction as most people have a definite idea of the type of look they want however we can also help you with your ideas whether it be on hardscaping, planting or layout and together achieve your desired garden. As stated previously we set out as a business to provide assistance however we are finding more and more that assistance has increased which has therefore demanded that we adjust our vision to suit the demands of the market place. We have upgraded our service offering to include the total garden requirements from supply of plants through to Tree surgery delivererd by a specialist tree surgeon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that you are the envy of the neighbourhood with a fantastic garden by providing you with a one stop shop for all your gardening needs from general garden maintenance through to supply of plants at an affordable price to ensure your garden is always as full of colour as your budget will allow all the way to tree surgery.


16th - 19th June 2016 - Gardeners world Live

NEC Birmingham