Garden Calender

This calender is an aid to your gardening experience and depending on the type of gardening you do can vary greatly. We have kept the list relatively short and general to cater for this fact but we will overtime be enlarging this area to increase the level of detail to help you whether you are a customer or just visiting our site.

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch
  2. Dig over any vacant plots that have not been dug already
  3. Inspect stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia for rot or drying out
  4. Prune apple and pear trees
  5. Prepare a polythene shelter for outdoor peaches and nectarines, to protect them from peach leaf curl
  1. Protect blossom on apricots, nectarines and peaches
  2. Prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering
  3. Divide bulbs such as snowdrops, and plant those that need planting 'in the green'
  4. Prune Wisteria
  5. Prune hardy evergreen hedges and renovate overgrown deciduous hedges
  1. Protect new spring shoots from slugs
  2. Plant summer-flowering bulbs
  3. Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials
  4. Top dress containers with fresh compost
  5. Mow the lawn on dry days (if needed)
  6. Cut back Cornus (dogwood) and Salix (willow) grown for colourful winter stems
  7. Weeds come back in to growth - deal with them before they get out of hand
  1. Keep weeds under control
  2. Protect fruit blossom from late frosts
  3. Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  4. Sow hardy annuals and herb seeds
  5. Start to feed citrus plants
  6. Increase the water given to houseplants
  7. Feed hungry shrubs and roses
  8. Sow new lawns or repair bare patches
  9. Prune fig trees
  10. Divide bamboos and waterlilies